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CLA Training Price List

Orientation (3 days) CLA Employees only
Blood Borne Pathogens $20

Proactive Alternative for Change (PAC) $150

PAC Recertification $30

American Red Cross CPR $50.50*

American Red Cross First Aid $35.50*

Adult CPR/First Aid $68.50*, with AED $84.50*

Adult, Child & Infant CPR/First Aid $75.00*

College of Direct Support Professional (CDS) Modules $40 each

College of Direct Support Professional (CDS) Live Sessions Hourly Rate $15.00 per hour

College of Direct Support Professional (CDS) (full set of Modules #1-15 (includes live sessions for a total of 49 hours) $500
CRMA Full Course $300/Med. Shadow non-CLA $50/hr.

CRMA 24 hour course $180/Med. Shadow non-CLA $50/hr.

CRMA Prep class (2 hrs.) $30

CRMA Recertification $85

CRMA SLS Medication Administration Course $75/ Med. Shadow $50/hr.
Assertiveness $20

Competence with Compassion $40

Diabetes Training (1 hr.) $25

Supporting Everyday Living Fundamentals (SELF) $80

Verbal Abuse $20

DISCOUNTS: We provide a 10% for agencies/businesses who do a high volume or repeat training
*Red Cross training prices have increased due to increased administrative fees from the American Red Cross to our agency
**All prices are subject to change annually. Updated: 10-01-14