Person-centered practice is treatment and services provided that places the person at the center of their own care and promotes self-advocacy,independence, dignity and respect.

We believe in self-advocacy,independence, dignity and respect....

Wilderness Pines
Wilderness Pines

CLA’s Community Support programs recently took an adventure to Wilderness Pines Campgrounds. ‘Camping Day’ was a success, judged by the smiles and s’mores that were shared around the campfire.

CLA Helicopter landing
Helicopter Landing

Lots of excitement in the air when the local border patrol landed at The Green Center. As a planned event, everyone was amped up to get up and close and personal to a real chopper

Fashion Show
Fashion Show

Generating confidence, clients strut their stuff at the Community Supports “Come as You Are” Fashion show.

About Community Living Association

Community Living Association is a private, nonprofit organization that employs over 250 people supporting people with developmental disabilities to be independent, self-confident, and valued members of the community. Since 1967, CLA has been helping people with developmental disabilities and their families lead full and happy lives. CLA has grown to be Houlton’s second largest employer.

CLA follows national best practices in the means of support for people with developmental disabilities and is proud of the quality of residential and support environments it has developed over the years including: Day services such as work and training programs, along with a wide range of residential services, and community case management.

CLA’s focus is for people to participate fully and to live valued roles in the community.